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Yes, the German Book is Real

Over the last several months, I have answered many questions about Top 10 Games You Can Play in Your Head, By Yourself. While I do not need or want to every question, there is one that does deserve a minor explanation: what’s the deal with 10 Spiele, die du in deinem Kopf spielen kannst?

A few quick answers:

  • Yes, this is a real book.

  • Yes, it is a German translation of T10GYCPIYHBY

  • Yes, it is being released by an actual publisher, i.e. once it’s released, we will no longer be exclusively “self-published”. At least by German standards.

  • It will be released in October of 2019

  • No, I don’t speak German beyond the most absolute basics. I can count to at least zehn.

And yes, this is really the cover.

And yes, this is really the cover.

You can buy the book from its German publisher (Riva), from Barnes and Noble, from Amazon or through a bunch of places, probably. I think.

Regarding whether or not there will be versions of the book in other languages: TBD! Stay tuned!