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Announcing The Lunatic’s Guide to Earth

It has been exactly one year since The Moonborn was published. And while it’s tempting to do a) another special deal on The Moonborn or b) a look at everything I learned about self-publishing over the last year, instead I’m going to announce something exciting. 

I am currently at work on a new novel, called The Lunatic’s Guide to Earth. It is not the first project I’ve worked on since publishing The Moonborn, but it is the first novel I've started that has any connection to The Moonborn. (There is one short story I've written also set in the same world, but that's a subject for a different day.) 

I will not say much about The Lunatic's Guide to Earth, but a few details:

  • I began writing it on November 1, 2017.

  • Yes, I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month this year, which is how I wrote The Moonborn in 2015.

  • It is not a direct sequel or prequel to The Moonborn but it is set in the same universe.

  • I’m not sure what the universe is called. Either The Moonbornverse or Extended Moonborn Universe work for now.

  • It’s unclear if any of the same characters appear, but a few places and themes will definitely resurface. Yes, it’s possible Adam Moonborn will return, but not certain.

  • There is no cover... yet.

To begin writing The Lunatic’s Guide to Earth, I spent four days at the same cottage in Wisconsin where I edited and revised The Moonborn in the summer of 2016. Here is one photo of the view I had while working:


Returning to this place helped me return to the world of the Ishmael and Moonborn and Q and the rest of the gang. In particular, the following places in the Moonbornverse will be explored further:

  • The Sovereign States of America

  • The Euro-American Union

  • The Domes of Gamelan

  • The other Lunar colonies

  • Maybe even Mars?

This is all I will say about the project for now, other than one small note: I plan on publishing it in the summer of 2019, on a date very special to Lunatics.

And if you read this and thought to yourself "man, I really need to read The Moonborn still", then you can do that here

Update: it’s out! More info here.