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Reflections on a Speech by Seth Godin

Earlier this week, I saw Seth Godin speak at the Digital Summit in Minneapolis. I was there not specifically as writer, but in my role as a digital marketer.

His speech had many of the tropes one comes to expect from such events: photos of silly signs, pictures of animals upside-down, and quotes from famous dead people. 

This guy. 

This guy. 

But one moment in it stood out to me in particular. He asked the crowd to raise our hands if we wrote a blog post every day.

Very few people rose their hands.

I did not raise my hand.

I have never written a blog post every day. Sometimes I'll write one a week. Sometimes, one a month. 

And what it reminded me of was that, as a child, I always had a journal, but I never wrote in this journal every day. Never. Normally, I would go a few weeks where I wrote in the journal often, and then I'd go months without writing in it. 

Then here's what would happen: I'd write a new journal entry, and I'd open it by apologizing to the journal (or its imagined readers) for having gone so long without writing in it. 

These are the thoughts I have, thinking about trying to write daily blog posts.

I also think about how Seth Godin has written 7000 blog posts, as he shared on Monday. 

I also know that Seth Godin is a better blogger than me, a better speaker, and a more accomplished writer.

So now this website - DFLovett Dot Com - has a blog. And this is its first blog post.

This is not a declaration of daily blog posts. But this is one blog post, on one day. 

And we will take it from here.