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Regarding the book I just finished working on

Here is a sentence I never thought I’d write: a recent video featuring Logan Paul also included the announcement of a book that I’ve been working on for a while. The book is a collaboration with Sam Gorski of Corridor Digital, a longtime friend of mine with whom I’ve previously collaborated on a few different minor projects.

This is the aforementioned video. If you want to skip straight to the stuff about the book, go to around the 4-minute mark:

There are several layers to the book and I don’t want to say too much about it, as many of the details of its origin are present in the book itself (a few others can be gleaned from the above video).

What I will say is that all of this began several years ago (during which time we were working on a different, as-of-yet-incomplete projects) with our discovery of a series of out-of-print books called Games You Can Play in Your Head, by Yourself. Ten games from that disappeared series have been collected by us in the forthcoming Top Ten Games You Can Play in Your Head, by Yourself.

We finished the revising and editing of the book within the last week, with my first four days of February 2019 spent in a rainy Los Angeles pushing this book across the finish line. It will be out this March.

I will not provide a photo of the cover, not yet, as the cover itself (just like the layout of the book itself) is currently going through some final edits.

What I will provide are a few potential descriptions of the book experience:

  • A series of single player RPGs

  • Gamified guided meditation

  • Daydreaming with rules

  • A metafictional romp through various worlds and wonders

Where a lot of the writing happened (yes, those are my boots)

Where a lot of the writing happened (yes, those are my boots)

Not sure if it’s for you? Consider that the book also includes:

  • Time travel

  • Space travel

  • Reluctant assassins

  • Enthusiastic assassins

  • Aliens

  • Mummies

  • Killing Nazis

  • A tiger

  • Scary monsters

  • And so much more!

There are even robots who work at a factory in this book (to what I assume would be the dismay of Adam Moonborn).

Oddest of all, I’ll admit, is that Sam and I truly are not the authors of this. We are but the editors. The author is a different figure, about whom you will learn much more once you read the book itself.

Top Ten Games You Can Play in Your Head, By Yourself will be released in early March. Stay tuned to this blog (or my Twitter or Instagram or Amazon author page or Corridor Digital’s YouTube channel) to ensure you don’t miss anything!

Update: the book is out and you can buy it here!