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Win a Paperback of The Moonborn to Celebrate the Total Solar Eclipse

With Moon Landing Day barely behind us, it's already time for another exciting celestial event: the Total Eclipse of the Sun. And just like Moon Landing Day and Moon Landing Week, I am doing a special promotion for The Moonborn, in honor of this event. 


Whether you've already read The Moonborn: or Moby-Dick on the Moon or not, this is your chance to get yourself a paperback copy of it. The entry fee is both simple and free - all you have to do is follow @DFLovett (me) on Twitter. Enter the contest by going to this link. 

Also, your chances are better than last time, as I'm giving away two copies of the paperback this time. 

Happy Total Solar Eclipse from Lunar Moby Dick! (or something)

Again, the link to enter is right here. Best of luck! You can also check out my Amazon author page here and The Moonborn on Goodreads here.

Update: free copy of The Moonborn on Kindle too!

I decided that this giveaway wasn't enough - so now you can also get The Moonborn for free on Kindle on 8/21 only. Enjoy!